HopHacks is the bi-annual hackathon hosted at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. This event brings engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs together to explore new ideas, compete for prizes, and create amazing applications. For 36 hours, students work in teams of up to 4 to bring a software or hardware idea to life.

Teams start working on their hacks (at 9:00 PM) after the Friday evening kickoff event and continue working until Sunday morning (9:00 AM). All submissions MUST be made on Devpost.

All of the prizes, including sponsored prizes, will be judged and announced at the presentation.

See more at https://www.hophacks.com.


Any university student, regardless of university, may participate. Graduate and undergraduate students from all departments and divisions are welcome. 

You must register online and receive email confirmation before attending. Please be prepared to show your University ID upon check-in.


At the end of the hackathon, your team can submit a project on DevPost. Your project will then be judged during your science fair style presentation during the presentation time.

Hackathon Sponsors


$8,212 in prizes

First Place Overall

Awarded to the team with the highest overall score from the judges ($1024).

Second Place Overall

Awarded to the team with the second highest overall score from the judges ($512).

Third Place Overall

Awarded to the team with the third highest overall score from the judges ($256)

Siemens: Best Healthcare Hack

PRIZE: ASUS Zen Watch 3 (1 per team member)
- Healthcare application
- Solves a problem that does not already have a solid commercial solution
- Demonstrates good understanding of the intended user’s needs
- Demonstration that the design works –proof of feasibility
- Creativity in the design including the technical solution, cost effectiveness, and if relevant, the aesthetics of the design

Booz Allen Hamilton: Best Relief Aid Hack

PRIZE: Amazon gift cards for each member of the winning team in an amount of at least $100
JUDGING CRITERIA: The prize will go to the project that best aids victims during or after a catastrophic event.

Bloomberg: Best Philanthropic Hack

Prize: 1 JBL Bluetooth Speaker per team member
Criteria: Hack that best supports a philanthropy or a philanthropic cause. Examples of situations they address:
1. financing philanthropic projects
2. People in need of resources
3. Disaster Recovery

JP Morgan: Best Hack for Social Good

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones (1 per team member)

- Social Impact: how well does the solution address the challenge or problem?
- Innovation and Creativity: how creative is the solution? Does it bring new ideas and approaches to solving the problem?
- Completeness of Solution: is the solution finished? Does it work? Is there a roadmap for future enhancements?
- Sustainability: is the solution sustainable within the context of the community it’s aiming to impact?
- Design: is the solution well thought out and designed?

ADDITIONAL PRIZE: 4 Amazon Echo Dots will be raffled throughout the weekend. Stop by the JP Morgan table!

Capital One: Best Financial Hack

PRIZE: $200 Amazon Gift card (1 per team member)
JUDGING CRITERIA: At Capital One we’re constantly looking for ways to change banking for good. This year at HopHacks we’ll be looking for the team who can come up with the best financial hack. We’ll be looking at Creativity, Technical Complexity, Financial Orientation, and Customer Benefits. Each member of the winning team will receive a $200 Amazon gift Card. Feel free to use our Nessie API, reimaginebanking.com, to aid in your projects!

Facebook: Judges' Choice

We're looking for hacks aligned with our company mission (giving people the power to build community and bring the world closer together) along with originality, quality user experience, and demonstrated technical difficulty.
Feel free to use our APIs to enhance your projects!
Each member of the winning team will receive Facebook swag.

Deloitte: Best User Experience (2)

Deloitte is sponsoring a challenge for Best User Experience. Entries will be judged on creativity, use of behavioral nudges, user interface, among other factors. Prizes include exclusive Deloitte swag and American Express gift cards for the winners of our Deloitte branded challenge! Two winners will be selected and all hacks created at HopHacks are eligible for consideration.

1st Place: $50 AMEX Gift Card for each team member and Deloitte Swag
2nd Place: Extensive Deloitte Swag

Accenture: AI is the New UI

The prize will be awarded to the Hack that best represents an aspect the Accenture 2017 Technology Vision:
- AI is the New UI: Recognizing that AI is taking on more sophisticated roles within technology interfaces
- The winning hack will use AI to improve and/or enhance user experience
- Members of the winning team will each receive $100 VISA Gift Card + Swag
- This prize is only open to teams with students from JHU

Semester.ly: Best Contribution

PRIZE: 3 Amazon Echo Dots
JUDGING CRITERIA: We will award the prize to the Git issue, prototype, or feature that creates the most impactful and thought out feature for Semester.ly

Amazon Web Services - Best Use of AWS

$250 Amazon Web Services Credit

Best Domain Name from Domain.com

Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essential Kit

John Snow Labs: Best Use of Dataset

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Steve Feldman

Steve Feldman
VP of Engineering at Contrast Security

 Dan Roche

Dan Roche
Johns Hopkins Technological Ventures Mentor in Residence

Phillip Bracikowski

Phillip Bracikowski
Engineer at RedOwl Analytics, Founder of PJB Space Solutions

Eric Perlman

Eric Perlman
JHU Research Scientist

Will Shepherdson

Will Shepherdson
Senior Program Manager at Radius

Scott Lipcon

Scott Lipcon
Senior Principal Software Engineer at Focused Support LLC

Andrew Wiles

Andrew Wiles
Senior Advisory Embedded Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman

Tim Mueller

Tim Mueller
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Pranav Sathyanarayanan

Pranav Sathyanarayanan
Software Engineer at Google

Yair Flicker
President of SmartLogic

Harold Lehmann

Harold Lehmann

Kevin McRaith

Kevin McRaith

Dinah Pyles

Dinah Pyles

Mansur Shomali

Mansur Shomali

Alexander Schiffhauer

Alexander Schiffhauer

Judging Criteria

  • Polish
    Judges will rate how polished your product and code looks, so make sure you submit the neat stuff!
  • Usefulness
    Judges will rate how well your product fills its intended need.
  • Creativity
    Judges will rate how unique and innovative your idea is.
  • Technical Difficulty
    Judges will rate how advanced your design and execution is, so don't be modest!

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